Quality is one of the top priorities and commitments of our top management. We strive to develop and operate a quality management system that sets high standards and the best practices which comply with the mandatory requirements on supplies of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We expect every employee and contractor to adhere to this policy and help reach our goals by:

  • continually and effectively enhancing our performance in quality assurance;
  • complying with standards required by the applicable regulatory ordinances;
  • ensuring the products safety, quality, efficacy and fitness for their intended use;
  • fulfilling the internal requirements prescribed by the company;
  • promoting the quality policy and practices within the company;
  • setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives;
  • minimizing quality cost wherever practicable;
  • enhancing internal awareness of hazardous situations;
  • performing the risk assessment and implementing the effective risk management;
  • monitoring the residual risks;
  • reducing and preventing products contamination, cross-contamination, counterfeit and mix-ups where possible;
  • minimizing the chance of product recalls;
  • minimizing the possible adverse situations of consumer after use of our products;
  • advocating “good distribution practices” on both departmental and individual levels;
  • effectively communicating our quality performance to stakeholders; and
  • reviewing the overall performance of the quality management system and its continual suitability

This policy has been approved by the Global Executive Committee. It will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date and will be released on our company website. We welcome interested parties’ comments on the enforcement of the policy and the policy itself.