Kerry Logistics Network acknowledges that climate change presents risks and opportunities to the business. We are committed to identifying and managing climate change-related impacts and developing strategies in line with global and industry practices. Our employees and stakeholders in the value chain should help to reach our goals by following this policy.

Mitigation – To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we will:

  • measure and maintain a carbon emission inventory to develop strategies and targets;
  • increase the use of renewable energy and low carbon energy sources where applicable;
  • incorporate environmental considerations into procurement processes and promote the use of low carbon and energy-efficient products and services;
  • explore the opportunities of offsetting carbon emissions; and
  • engage employees, suppliers and customers to reduce carbon emissions in their daily operations and promote a low carbon culture where practicable.

Adaptation – To ensure our operations adapt to a changing climate, we will:

  • assess climate-related risks and opportunities and identify response actions by incorporating them into the risk management system and crisis management plans;
  • improve operational processes to respond to climate risks, including physical risks and transition risks; and
  • strengthen employees’ awareness of climate change as well as emergency management.

Resilience – To enhance our ability to rebound quickly from the impacts of climate change, we will:

  • track global and local climate-related trends and improve knowledge of best practices available and applicable to Kerry Logistics and our value chain;
  • ensure that relevant information and resources are available for the monitoring and regular review of the impacts of climate change on our operations, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation strategies; and
  • communicate with suppliers and customers on Kerry Logistics’s climate risks, opportunities and strategies to identify practicable actions and help improve their resilience against future climate-related issues.

Disclosure – To communicate with stakeholders transparently, we will:

  • disclose climate-related information transparently and in a timely manner through Environmental, Social and Governance Report and Company website.

We will take our business development, resources and capabilities and availability of technologies into consideration, while striving to achieve the aforementioned strategies and practices. The Global Executive Committee works closely with different business units as needed and is responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy and reporting to the Board of Directors.

This policy has been approved by the Global Executive Committee.  It will be reviewed, and if necessary, revised, annually to keep up to date and will be released on our company website. We welcome interested parties’ comments on the enforcement of the policy and the policy itself.